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The disease is recognized on the basis of Tetracycline data, clinical examination and laboratory tests. Specific diagnosis consists in the isolation of the virus in the first 3-12 days of the disease and antibodies that neutralize the virus at the end of the 3rd week of the disease.

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Specific therapy for Argentine hemorrhagic fever has not been developed. Symptomatic therapy is usually carried out, aimed at eliminating shock, intoxication. A blood transfusion is performed. A positive effect is given by intravenous administration of convalescent plasma to patients. The introduction of immune plasma significantly reduces mortality (from 16 to 1%), in an experiment on monkeys, the effectiveness of ribavirin (virazole) has been shown.

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Carry out pathogenetic therapy (rehydration, hemodialysis, etc.). Mortality ranges from 6 to 20%. Prevention of Argentine hemorrhagic fever.

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Candid#1 is used to prevent adults at high risk of contracting Argentine hemorrhagic fever.

In 1985, the Argentine virologist Dr. Julio Barrera-Oro created a vaccine against AHF - Candid # 1. The vaccine was manufactured at the Salk Institute in the USA and has been available in Argentina since 1990.

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On August 29, 2006, the Maiztegui Institute received a certificate for vaccine production in Argentina. The vaccination plan has not yet been laid out, but the 2007 budget allows for 390,000 doses to be made, in Argentina it costs 8 pesos each (about $2.6 or €2). The institute has the capacity to produce the 5 million doses annually needed to vaccinate the entire population of tetracycline areas.

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Argentine hemorrhagic fever is a natural focal zoonosis from the group of South American hemorrhagic fevers, caused by an RNA-containing Junin virus. The leading clinical manifestations are hemorrhagic syndrome with bleeding of various localization, severe intoxication. Diagnosis is based on the detection of the pathogen itself and specific markers in the blood serum. Etiotropic treatment consists in the introduction of immune plasma. Good results are shown by the appointment of ribavirin.

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Taking Sumycin into account the developed disorders, symptomatic therapy is prescribed. Causes Pathogenesis Symptoms of Argentine HF Complications Diagnosis Treatment of Argentine HF Prognosis and prevention Prices for treatment.

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The focus of Junin hemorrhagic fever is the humid ecosystem of the pampas of Argentina. Outbreaks of the disease occur annually from February to June with a peak in May. Most often, men get sick, the infection is more common among the rural population.

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